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Maximum Training Centre - MTC For the Adults

MTC Prides itself on providing the best experience while training in the Martial Arts. Leaving one’s ego at the door is just the start of joining an elite group of trainers and athletes that will assist you in whatever endeavours you have your mind and heart set on.  Just want to get in shape with Kickboxing? No problem.  Want to go hardcore and become a fighting phenom -we cannot promise you that but we have the tools here to assist you on your journey. For one price you get the full MMA offering of Kickboxing, Grappling BJJ Gi and No Gi, Wrestling and Weight -Cardio Training Equipment.

Maximum Training Centre - MTC For the Kids

MTC has great Kids programs to get your kids off the couch away from the video games and in front of some select Senseis and Trainers who will insure your child has the best Martial Arts Experience.

At MTC we work on confidence, skill sets, team work, respect and unity.

Your child will thrive under the tutelage of our instructors and have fun while accomplishing their goals.

Same, one price goes for the little guys and girls as it’s all inclusive allowing a mixture of Kids Karate and Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. What are you waiting for ? Have your child come in for a FREE Trial class.

06/29 Jean Machado BJJ


Karate Tournament

05/25 Grapplers Quest



Maximum Training Centre


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07/16  Jorge Britto BJJ Seminar


 07/25  World JR Kickboxing Champion is TJ Laramie


08/10  Karate Rocks WFCU

Kids karate Tournament


09/07  Grappling Industriies

BJJ at Ryerson University


09/26  Randa Markos Thomas   Promo  Photos


MTC’S resident  all inclusive Martial Arts Store Takedown Distribution  

is located inside the MTC Facility on the 2nd floor.

10/26  PFC Provincial Fighting Chamiponships. Results


Halloween Party


11/02 IBJJF World’s

11/09  MTC Intramural Karate  Tourney



2014 NEWS

On behalf of everyone from  MTCWINDSOR we would like to let you all know that Randa Markos has fullfilled the 1st step of her journey. She will be away for the next couple months at The Ultimate Fighter House, as she was chosen as one of the 16 women vying for the 115lbs UFC Title. We expect the show will be aired sometime in September.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and who got behind Windsor's own Randa Markos in helping make her dreams come true. We want to thank all the Promotions/Promoters who believed in her early in her career and believed in us in giving her an opportunity to showcase her skills.

From WreckMMA (Nick Castaglia/Pat Cooligan ) - Impact Fight League (Joseph Donofrio) - RFA (Ed Soares/Scott Cutbirth) - Provincial Fighting Championship ( Jamie Champion ) without you and these events, none of this would be possible today.

To her Management team PremiumMMA (Alex Capporici/Robin Black/Woodrow James) who have been a part of Randa from her early days as an amatuer with events like XCC / Donofrio MMA and others, again, thank you.

To her Coaches and Teammates who represent the gym day in and day out, thank you for being there for her and for each other. Many of you sacrificed time away from your homes/families and your personal time to help Randa out, treating her like family, which has always been the MTC way.

Most importantly, we thank Randa Markos, who has sacrificed everything to be able to be in this position today. Her hard work and determination have allowed her the opportunity to fight for the UFC TITLE! Having the support of her employer has helped to, as they have given her all the time off she has needed to pursue her dreams.

And last, but not least, her Sponsors, who came through for us to help make things possible for Randa Markos. You can follow them at
www.randamarkos.com and also be sure to follow twitter @randamma or @mtcwindsor for any latest developments.
Thank you - Liuna, Street Soldier, Boston Pizza, MRA, Unique Tool & Gauge, Spine Joint Sports Injuries Clinic, Dominion Collision, Windsor Spitfires, Country Side Home Hardware, Cris Kambouris Manor Realty, Prime Services, LGS Industries, Masotti Construction, Sean White, Royal Abrasives, Tribal Printing, Hempstarbrand, McTague Law Firm, Intensity Nutrition, Takedown Distribution

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